An information gathered on fast food data around the world

One of the things on food that many cannot avoid is eating in fast food. Because of various reasons so people just choose to eat in fast food than in any other areas. One of the reason is the food safety. It could be in the preparation process. Others who go to other places may not trust easily food made in small restaurants. They may have a weak tolerance in the stomach also on the type of food being served so fast food is the better choice.

In the infographic, the top order in the fast food is the ever loved hamburger. There are various versions around the world but still, it is the hamburger that many likes and it is the one that many are now including in their menu. The second has only half of the percentage of the hamburger is the pizza. The third one coming in close is the sandwich and then chicken. There are many fast food chains around the world that serves hamburger and the other food usually ordered.

The number one place that fast food is consumed or preferred is in the subway. You may understand that many go out from their house and goes home hungry and so they tend to buy and satisfy their hunger. It is not easy to travel being hungry for others. Even if we know the negative impacts of fast food but we still consume them and many children are now used to going in the fast food when they want to eat.