Virus Contained in Every Food

There are many virus contained in every food, may it be fresh foods or not. For example, farmers tend to put chemicals on their crops or plants.

This is to make crops grow bigger and healthier. However, those who eat this may be affected by it. What food on earth that does not give a harm to the body? This is why there are fighting bacteria in our body and there is immune system that could help our body to endure.

A lot of  food are junks that could harm our body but at least we can still survive until we reach 60-80. This is our life;s destiny.

Many foods that we eat are acidic. we can not avoid these because these are our food. Although we find medicine for our health, in medicine, there is no safety. This is why there is no way to escape from unhealthy foods. In meat, poultry, pork, beef and so forth, there are also many viruses we eat from them. Same as in choosing travel agency. A good agency here 台胞證申請 is one of the best choice of couple for their travel list. It is an encouragement to feel and experience the summer season with your best travel destination.

This is why we should not eat fresh meat in order to protect our body’s health, not mentioning that we have already a natural disease. If we eat meat, we should cook them properly so that virus that they take in while eating any germs and bacteria will not be transferred to us. Virus in each food that eat may arouse our sleeping sickness. Our body is not perfectly safe from anything. We need some refreshing moment to travel having your visa from here view this info We should only take care of what we say “too much” and “average” amount of what we eat.