6 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Know these most expensive foods in the world.

1. Pizza of Industry Kitchen in New York

Around the world are Pizza of different companies. However,  this pizza of Kitchen in New York is undeniably too much expensive. It is more than $2, 000. What is surprising is that it is not that very big. It is only enough for 4 or 5 people.

2. Mexican Taco

Taco can be eaten around the world. But the most expensive Taco to be eaten is found in Mexico. Some tourist could be buying this $25,000 Taco enough to relieve a hunger.

3. Serendipity 3 Sundae

Have you ever eaten a small ice cream costing $1,000? You can find this most expensive ice cream in New York. Nevertheless,  this ice cream is worth its price because you will taste the most delicious ice cream and most decorated ice cream in the world.

4. Burger Brasserie of Las Vegas

Being surprised with the price, foreigners just passed by the store of Brasserie in Las Vegas because the burger has a regular size but very expensive, worth more than  $750.

5. Dum dum Donatterie’s Doughnut

London is the first to bring out the most expensive doughnut in the world. It is bmvery delicious but this kind of price is too much to buy. Among those who eat such food,  only rich poor are able to eat of it and are able to be swallow it.

6. Tokyo Hotdog

Tokyo gives out the most expensive hot dog in the world.  Actually the size is small,  5 bites but we can buy it. It is more than $150.  Find this great dental clinic service from here 牙科診所. They help and assure you have a bright smile.