Food Challenge: Is it a Healthy Eating Habit?

Some restaurants especially fast food restaurants offers food eating challenge. It is one way to attract customers especially those who love eating food in restaurants. Those who grab the challenge and win that challenge can have a price. Probably, millions have already tried and have some experience about this. It is truly fun and exciting. However, everyone must know that it is not a healthy eating habit. Self-control is needed because otherwise, your health can be compromised. Having a good health means a healthy living.

In every food eating challenge, the food being served is actually full of sugar, salt, and high amount of calories. Remember that our body can only contain maximum of 2000 calories for adult female and 2500 for adult male. Beyond that amount means danger. Though food eating challenge sounds good, it must not become a regular habit. It is not easy to burn fats in just a week through normal way of getting weight loss. And if you want to challenge yourself on expenses, go here So, in order not to face such problem regarding weight loss, avoid food eating challenges.

There are different kinds of food eating challenges being held all over the world. If your stomach is not trained to eat a lot, then never think of joining such challenge. One of the most popular promoter of food challenge is Randy Santel. If you watch the video above, you will be amazed that he can eat all that food provided for the eating challenge. Well, he is well-trained and for sure he also have a regular exercise to lose all those excess calories and fats.