Food Production

In countries where farming is one of the big sources of living of many people, fathers could explain well to their children how valuable is food so there must not be much waste. At that point, the children who also understood it put into practice even if they had grown and they can buy food as much as they want. It should be a practice that should be made because there is the global problem of food wastage. Tons of food is just thrown from the marketplace even in homes.

Food products are harvested and from that point, there are the considered unsold or low in quality and so they are discarded and it is just a waste. When they are transported to the market or to the direct companies who will sell them, there might some who would be destroyed and thrown. When it reaches the market and they are put on display or change in hands, there are the possibilities of them being thrown. One problem is the transportation method.

When they are bought and end on the houses, they are either cooked immediately restored and then forgotten and spoilage occurs or some are rotten. It is just easy for people to throw them away because they are not the ones who shed sweat for them to be planted and then taken care of until they are harvested. There are even people who go to others trash bin and find some who are still good and cooks them.  It is a good effort.