The introduction of the community food system

There are many issues that could be seen by critics regarding the food. It could be the process, handling, and other things. That is because, along the way in the production of food, there are many things that could happen that are negative and could bring harm to the environment, to a group of people and to everybody. That is why we should have an awareness of what we could do beginning in the household where a great power and change could originate. Here is the information.

When farmers have the support they need then there is an improvement on their product or they could reduce costs which in turn could also lessen the selling price. Note that the price given to farmers is the lowest and when it passes to traders, the price is now theirs. That is why from the beginning, there should be effort done so that in the next chain, the concern will not pass and it will not add to the problem. The beginning is important.

But it is not just the participation of one but of all the concerned parties so that close to ideal way is achieved. Helping one another should be restored. The love and concern for others have gradually decreased and so only a percentage remains because many people want to enjoy themselves and do what they want to do. That is why even neighbors do not know each other even if they have been neighbors for many years.